Amped Kitchens offers dedicated, PERMIT-READY, private PRODUCTION spaces within a vibrant community of dynamic food makers

Amped Kitchens Premium Food Production Spaces

Your space is your owN

Each kitchen is rented exclusively to one tenant—yours is the only company to occupy your space. Choose the right kitchen size for your business, from 150 square feet to 2,000 square feet. Bring in the specialized equipment you need—but we’ve taken care of virtually everything else.

It’s like an apartment building for food. It’s a shared facility but you have your own space to produce.”

Hannah Hong, Co-Founder, Hakuna Banana

ABUNDANT on-site amenities

Access key amenities like dry, cold and frozen storage, attended loading docks, on-site logistics, professional staff, office space, and packing rooms. Tenants say our spaces are as productive as spaces 5-10 times as large, thanks to our ample amenities and fantastic onsite teams.

“Love that everything is there…the infrastructure they offer is invaluable.”

Nicole Dean, Founder, Kollo

Amped Kitchens Premium Food Production Spaces

Amped Kitchens Premium Food Production Spaces

Shave months off the permitting and licensing process

Spaces are pre-inspected by health officials to streamline your permitting. All spaces accommodate the rigorous quality standards of public health agencies and the most demanding private buyers.

“The timeline to get up and running was a fraction of what it would have been. We saved months.”

Marian Spector, former Director R&D and Product Development, Beyond Meat

Amped Kitchens Premium Food Production Spaces

Flexibility to evolve your business rapidly

Ramp your production to a higher level, with lower cost and less risk. Modify or add space and equipment you need over time. Scalable from small batch to pilot production to larger-scale manufacturing.

“We’ve had an incredible year. We grew 400%!

Armen Thomas, Founder, Rocket Fresh

Amped Kitchens Premium Food Production Spaces

A vibrant community of innovative food producers

Surround yourself with like-minded producers. Our tenants include a range of successful national, regional and local food companies—in consumer packaged goods, retail and restaurant—including household names like Blue Bottle Coffee, Beyond Meat, Applebee’s and many others.

“I’ve learned so much from the community here.”

Rana Lustyan, Founder & CEO, Edoughble

Amped Kitchens Premium Food Production Spaces

Convenience is key

Parking, public transportation, freeways/expressways and trucking lines are all close by.

“Access to public transportation, flexibility on hours, shared office space and meeting space were all important to us.”

Sharon Wang, Chef/Owner, SugarBloom Bakery


L.A. North

230 W. Ave. 26, Los Angeles, CA 90031
( 213 ) 403-1620

L.A. south

661 E 62nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90003
( 323 ) 306-2082
DELIVERIES : 6130 S. Avalon Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90003


5801 W. Dickens Ave. Chicago, IL 60639
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