Amped Kitchens L.A. South

Amped Kitchens — L.A. South

62 Food Producers Under One Roof

Amped Kitchens—L.A. South, opens June 2019. This location closely follows the successful model developed at the original L.A. Prep location, (now called Amped Kitchens—L.A. North.)

Amped Kitchens—L.A. South converted a nearly 100-year-old granary building to a bustling complex of 62 food production spaces. Completely renovated prior to opening, we are proud of its new use as a vibrant hub for food innovation and civic and social engagement, contributing to the creation of over 250 jobs.

At Amped Kitchens, you have a significant advantage in the competitive world of wholesale food production.  When you move to Amped Kitchens, you will be surrounded by some of the best food producers in the country and our team of professionals are on the ground day one to help support your company’s success.  And you will be in a space that is designed specifically to help you make your products, your way.

Key features:

·       62 pre-approved state of the art food production spaces

·       Four loading docks

·       Close to major bus lines and freeways

·       On-site parking

·       Health & Safety Support

·       Expedited permit processing for L.A. County Department of Health

·       Logistics assistance, attended docks and staffed warehouse

·       Accommodates gluten-free, kosher, organic and third-party certifications

·       Co-working space/conference rooms

·       3 blocks from the coming “Rail to River” pedestrian path and bikeway


661 E 62nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90003
( 323 ) 306-2082
DELIVERIES : 6130 S. Avalon Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90003