A Space for Creativity and Partnerships

At Amped Kitchens, we believe when diverse firms and people come together, they fuel each other’s creativity and drive.  Our tenants and staff are a community of incredible food professionals. They all contribute to a vibrant, professional and supportive environment. 


Pilot Production Solution for Fast-Growing Consumer Packaged Goods Company

L.A. Prep (now Amped Kitchens) and the L.A. Prep community has helped us grow at every stage, from providing basic supplies to countless vendor recommendations to partnering with other tenants. It’s allowed us to go from placement in five local stores to over 3,000 stores and made our business the success it is today.”


Start-up Solution for Fast-Growing Consumer Packaged Goods Company

“We were able to get production up and running within two months of signing our lease. Having the space at L.A. Prep (now Amped Kitchens) allowed us to grow from zero through product development to a revenue run rate well into six figures. We were able to move in, install our equipment and focus on our business growth needs rather than permitting and facilities issues. The strong community of like-minded food producers was invaluable as a sounding board throughout the process.”


Commissary for Fast-growing Multi-location Premium Brand

A coffee roaster and retailer headquartered in Northern California needed local commissary space as they expanded operations into the LA market. L.A. Prep (now Amped Kitchens) gave them the ability to get started immediately, with more control than is typical in existing commissaries. Infrastructure for kitchen build-out was already in place, permitting process took less than two weeks, key shared amenities were available. Other tenants in the community have become key suppliers. The company was able to grow rapidly from two to fifteen coffeehouses in the market with seamless commissary operations at Amped Kitchens.