Amped Kitchens Premium Food Production Spaces

Why Amped Kitchens?

We built Amped Kitchens to provide a better alternative for growing food companies. Each of our exclusive spaces is adaptable to evolving product lines and expanding operations.

We deal with the complexity of running a wholesale production facility, so you don’t have to.

Control your costs and deliver profit sooner:

  • Competitive rates.

  • Key amenities save money and time: flexible dry, refrigerated and frozen storage, office space and conference rooms.

  • Our onsite team works the dock, warehouses and much more, keeping your payroll lean.

  • We’ve invested heavily in major infrastructure so you don’t have to—from hood systems to grease interceptors, to high capacity gas, water, and electric services.

  • Amped Kitchens empowers you to focus on your business.


Scale up and get to market faster:

  • Amped Kitchens works with public health agencies to streamline licensing and permitting for our tenants. What takes months elsewhere can often be done in just weeks at Amped Kitchens, depending on jurisdiction and products.

  • Our flexible spaces let you dial-in products and processes before committing to major investments in manufacturing lines.

  • Each kitchen includes key items most regulators require, including hand-wash and food prep sinks, drains, epoxy flooring and washable finishes.

  • Our tenants regularly pass the third-party industry audits that major buyers require.

  • Our onsite staff of experienced food business professionals provide key support, from common area sanitation to dock and warehouse management, including forklift operation.

 Control your environment and minimize complications:

  • Your space is your own—lock the doors when you leave and know everything stays as you left it.

  • Amped Kitchens can accommodate gluten-free, kosher, organic, and other third-party certifications.

  • We’ll help you customize your space to address your company’s production needs.